Is BTC a safe haven asset?

Ernest Hemingway Posts

We know from a long history, that gold is the nr 1 goto safe haven asset. Over the weekend and today BTC crashed 15%, while the DOW was only down 7.36% and gold about flat. Crypto haters now claim that BTC is not a safe haven asset.

It's way too early to claim anything -- give it a few weeks. In 2008, gold also went down at first before it went to it's all time high.

Volatility is an opportunity. We Bitcoiners should be unfaced by volatility.

Crytos are not a hard asset (backed by maths), but non-centralbank issued, you own it and it has many properties gold does not have. Try crossing a border with 15kg of gold or sending money easily around the globe at close to no cost -- all permissionless.

If you have gold and BTC, you can play the volatility -- and whether BTC is a safe haven or not, you will prosper.

Despite all the carnage, BTC is still strongly up for the year BTC is only back where it was two months ago; the perma bears should wait until we get back to $3k.

Maybe BTC is so sexy, as it could go to the 400k promoted by Max Keiser

Oil crashed 30%. Is it the new shitcoin lol?