Silver - the most undervalued asset on the planet

Ernest Hemingway Posts

Most young people, especially tech people never learn about finance or precious metals. A huge mistake.

Silver - poor man's gold is very misunderstood. It has magic properties and therefore is loved by industry, too. No modern electronics like iphones, cruise missiles, etc. without silver.

At the moment the market is punishing silver still a bit as if it were a commidity, but eventually it will take off like a rocket. Silver is a voltile beauty.

Why silver - now? Amazing gold/silver ratio. Silver is very cheap right now and will probably be much higher in a few years. Supply is currently reduced -- Covid19 madness shutting down a huge percentage of the world-wide mine supply * We are printing more money than ever; trillions and billions are being printed out of thin air. There will come a time with a flight to hard assets.

Still in doubt? Hold a 5 oz silver libertad in your hands or a 1 kg silver bar. Can you feel the value?

Best place to buy? In the EU I would go to Celticgold for coins and bars, or if you want storage in Switzerland to Bar9.