My recession, depression corona proof hard assets portfolio

Ernest Hemingway Posts

On popular request, I share the structure of my portfolio during these difficult times. Most of my portfolio is to buy and forget. The challenge is, the more you learn about any topic, the more exciting it becomes. Mining for example is so much more than a whole in the ground, but at the end of the day it's all about people.

Behind each of these bullet points is a lot of detail -- I might talk about it in future articles.

  • Too much precious metals (physical); I think 10-30% is a good mix. Bars and Coins. The gold/silver ratio right now tells you to buy more silver than gold.

  • A small percentage in crypto; Start with 1%, call it your fuck you money, very quickly it will be much more; Stick to the main ones like BTC (80%), ETH (10%), DASH (10%).

  • Mining shares (you need to know what you are doing; if you don't know, go for the streaming companies. I like Sandstorm, Wheaton Precious Metals, Franco Nevada, ..)

  • Don't buy all at once; Average in slowly over 12 or 24 months; take small profits from time to time

  • Keep firepower (30%; a cash buffer) to buy good value when it becomes very cheap; buy when there is blood on the street; don't try to perfectly time it, as you can never get the bottom right; dollar cost average in;

  • Maybe rotate out of sectors that are at all-time hights like real estate while you can; for sure a great location will always make a property unique, but the market might cool down.

  • Don't forget you need food/water/cash/ammunition/medical supply in a time of crises

Where I buy, sell and store?

  • Coins at CelticGold professional storage can help;

  • Local wallets for the cryptos