Negative interest rates are theft

Ernest Hemingway Posts

The big crash of March 2020

We live in gaga-land .. repo rates went from $50M/day to $500M/day. The USA can borrow 30 years with real negative rates and countries like JP and DE have negative interest rates everywhere. Let's milk the savers even more. Dumb middle class accepts everything. Don't try to understand what money is?

Negative interest rates = indirect way of saying fiat currency = FAILURE!

This money printing is just the beginning. Looking at history, it will get expanded by more zeros soon. Think of Weimar or Zimbabwe;

Central banks like in JP, will continue to buy everything. Welcome to slavandia!

We are maxed out on debt backed by nothing. Don't believe politicans and central bankers. They are to blame. It's not the corona virus. It only burst the almost bubble. Wherever this virus comes from, it is the perfect excuse.

Keep buying the precious metals and cryptos right now -- they are on sale; be your own central bank.