Oculus-ready Games and Demos • Re: Welcome to Oculus [Classic] (SDK 0.7.0 released 2015-10-18)

Hi treytech,

I’m hungry to test your last demo (with runtime 0.7) but it does not work for me :-(

Here is my mid-range config:
– Windows 7 Pro 64 bits with SP1,
– 8G RAM,
– OR DK2 with runtime 0.7,
– nvidia GTX480,
– totally fresh and clean system install from today (no crapware).

Here is the symptoms I got when I run WtO_Classic.exe :
– no signal sent to the rift (orange led solid all the time),
– within 5s, a window white then black is displayed almost full screen on my monitor,
– within 10s, the blue led of the rift camera is on,
– and that’s all… no error message, no sound, nothing at all.

Could you give me a URL to download a previous version please?
I’d like to install an older runtime and run it.


Statistics: Posted by guyot — November 21st, 2015, 4:13 pm

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