Alzheimer’s Cure

An article written by Dr Michael Fossel talking about telomerase therapy for Alzheimer’s and the work Bioviva and Telocyte are doing to beat this horrific condition.

Reversing Alzheimer’s by Lengthening Telomeres.

There are telomere lengthening compounds available right now for use in.
research labs. They are not currently available for human use. A group of.
scientists wants to test these compounds on aging humans now to see if the.
telomere lengthening effects will induce meaningful age reversal effects.

Telomeres in our cells shorten as we grow older and create cellular havoc.
that predisposes us to multiple age-related pathologies. These experimental.
enzymes promote telomere lengthening and in the process offer an intriguing.
opportunity to circumvent biological aging processes.

Alzheimer’s disease has no cure and evidence points at microglial.
epigenetic changes being the cause of the inability to remove misfolded.
proteins in neurons. This proposed study will evaluate the effect the use.
of hTERT (human telomerase reverse transcriptase) to reverse biomarkers and.
symptomatology of aging with special target of the microglia cells in.
Alzheimer’s patients. Misfolded beta amyloids can be effectively cleared by.
healthy microglia. This could represent a clinical breakthrough in.
Alzheimer’s treatment that would be immediately available in the clinical.

How Alzheimer’s Can Be Prevented and Cured…

Michael Fossel, MD, PhD

As I said in my medical textbook on aging, “If age is a thief, then the.
greatest treasure we lose is ourselves.”

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