Storing Energy

A gravity storage system consist of a pair of two deep shafts one large, and the other smaller in diameter connected at the top and bottom, forming a closed formed circuit via a reversible pumpturbine, as seen in Figure 1. The shafts are filled with water, which acts as a medium for energy transfer, and the bigger shaft is fitted with a huge steel piston filled with reinforced rock and concrete. The whole device operates on the simple action of vertical motion of piston.

During the availability of surplus electricity, the reversible pumpturbine converts the grid power supplied by a dual purpose motorgenerator to potential energy, by pumping the water in the larger shaft to raise the heavy piston. At times of need, like during peak demand, this stored potential energy is converted back to electrical energy by allowing the piston to descend, which in the process energizes the water molecules to rotate the turbinepump blades, leading to power generation at the generatormotor end.

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