Weekend of Wonder: hang out with Xeni, Jason, David, Cory, and Mark

We have tons of fantastic experiences in store for everyone coming to Boing Boing’s Weekend of Wonder in association with Baby Tattoo. It takes place this weekend in Riverside California, and there will be performances, fascinating field trips, workshops, group dining, events, and special surprises. I’m really happy that Xeni, David, Cory, and Jason will be there with me that weekend to hang out with everyone who is coming. There are still a few tickets left and we would love to have you join us – register here.

Cory has promised to do a reading one night, and I’m going to give a workshop on how to make really cool trick card decks for magic. I’ll also be making espresso with my tricked out espresso machine on Saturday morning and Carla (my wife and co-founder of the zine) is going to run a juggling ball making workshop.

The last time the Boing Boingers got together was almost exactly one year ago. I marked the occasion by taking a picture of our shoes. Can you identify Xeni, Jason, David, Cory, Rob, and me by our footwear?

Also, watch Leo Laporte in conversation with Xeni. She talks about Weekend of Wonder. She also talks a lot about her personal life, and it is a terrific interview.

Register here to join us at Boing Boing’s Weekend of Wonder.

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