Galaxy Tab S2 will ‘elevate your downtime,’ says Samsung

Since last week Apple’s new iPad Pro is hogging the spotlight, rightly so, it’s the first 12-inch tablet that the company has ever made. Samsung has been making 12-inch tablets for quite some time now and it has released a new ad for the Galaxy Tab S2 to remind you of that, aside from proclaiming that this is the best tablet because it will “elevate your downtime.”

Samsung makes it clear in the ad that it didn’t make the Galaxy Tab S2 with an octa-core processor to find the meaning of life, rather the intention was to make the most of your “extra life.” Expandable memory gets a special mention in the ad, and why wouldn’t it, it’s the one feature that the iPad has never had and it’s what counts when a customer is looking to purchase a tablet purely for the purpose of consuming video content. Samsung has also responded to the new iPhones with a string of new ads that highlights some of the features that its latest flagships have but the iPhone doesn’t. Do you think this strategy will continue to pay dividends for the Korean company?

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