QKarD Quantum Smart Card

In response to these problems, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) scientists have developed a revolutionary technology entitled “QKarD” that implements the quantum mechanical laws of physics rather than complex mathematical problems to encrypt information. This technique, known as Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), uses polarized single photons to generate secret keys that can be shared between two or more parties and used to encrypt data to safeguard it from eavesdroppers. Incorporating this method of encryption into QKarD technology provides superior forward security assurances without archival attack concerns, regardless of advancements in processing power. The QKarD is a compact, portable and wireless device that is simple to use. A user needs only to periodically insert the device into a base station for authentication, requiring both a fingerprint and personal identification number (PIN). The QKarD would then communicate seamlessly with a central trusted authority (TA) via optical fiber, from which cryptographicquality secret random numbers are automatically uploaded. These numbers are then stored in secure memory on the device, for encryption, authentication, and access control, ensuring secure communication with other devices through the air (free-space) at remote locations. These remote devices also communicate back to the same TA to authenticate a user, provide access control, or set up a multi-party secure telephone call. The QKarD could easily be envisioned as part of an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) compliant smartphone that uses built-in quantum keys to replace conventional algorithm based encrypted communication. The QKarD system could be incorporated seamlessly into a smartphone or attached by way of a universal port.

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