CHINA: Zhou Yongkang gets sentenced to life in prison

LessThunk comment: The final chapter in a saga going back almost a full year..

On July 29, 2014, state media formally announced an internal party investigation against Zhou Yongkang’s “violations of party discipline”, but did not mention any criminal wrongdoing. Several months later, the party investigation concluded that Zhou abused his power for the illicit gain of his family, friends, and associates, took “large amounts in bribes personally and through his family and associates; abused his power to further the interests of his family, mistresses, and associates; committed adultery with multiple women and engaged in the exchange of money and favours for sex; and leaked state and party secrets.”

State media announced Zhou’s arrest to face criminal proceedings on December 5, 2014. He was expelled from the Communist Party of China.  Zhou was the first Politburo Standing Committee member to be expelled from the party since the fall of the Gang of Four in 1980 at the conclusion of the Cultural Revlution.

In April this year, Zhou was charged with abuse of power, bribery, and intentionally leaking state secrets, and was tried at the Tianjiin Municipal No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court. 

Today, Zhou, a former Chief of Security was sentenced to life in prison, as he was found guilty of taking bribes and an abuse of power.



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