POLITICS: Turkish moving towards a de-religiositised future

LessThunk comment: Just as we had witnessed  the first elected leader of Turkey turn into an authoritarian sultan like figure rising in the near east, namely Erdogan. The people have now firmly told him, enough is enough, after numerous crackdowns on freedom and free speech. Erdogan has been good for Turkey, improving infrastructure rapidly, but perhaps went a little too far with power shifting away from the old military to his AKP; this followed by installing himself in the largest palace on the planet, especially as the lira continues to decline against the dollar on his watch.

Turkey is no longer his personal fifedom, he is no longer a mini-Putin and the people have spoken clearly to correct the situation regarding mixing the affairs of church and state.

This election result will both resume the spirit of the early arab-spring and simultaneously ease the tensions on both the EU and Syrian borders. With the current influx of migrants fleeing warzones and Russians loose in the Black Sea, a friendly relationship with the EU is good for all concerned.





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Posted by: Phaedrus

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