ENERGY: It’s time to wheel out a really “green nuclear” solution

LessThunk comment:  “Nuclear energy” take a moment to say it out loud..what does that mean to you ? One thing is true, it is the true enemy of the petroleum profiteers, they are happy with oil at any price until the very last drop is sucked up and sold, they don’t want any alternatives to exist.

For me, any mention of “nuclear” sounds scary, perhaps that is because I have been raised in a cloud of ignorance, misinformation and partial truths for too long.

“Radiation”, yeah that sounds bad to me (I used to think that all “cholesterol” was bad too, turns out I was also wrong on that..)

GREEN NUCLEAR – for a world that needs more energy use (not less)

Thanks to Kirk Sorensen for opening our eyes..to Thorium Nuclear (better safer and cheaper than any other type of nuclear)




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