ENERGY: Taking the wind out of the UK’s sails..

LessThunk comment: Britain as an island is a windy place. Even so, wind energy technologies only get economically viable at scale, which was just starting to pick up in Britain. How is it that as soon as these technologies are contributing to Britain’s cleaner energy future, a series of subsidy u-turns immediately follow. Perhaps the traditional energy source providers have a bigger voice than the greenies.. it’s worth noting that this is targeting future onshore sites, presumably the offshore sites are already in the hands of oil companies.

“We will shortly be publishing our plans to reform the Renewables Obligation and Feed in Tariff scheme to implement this commitment. With the cost of supplying onshore wind falling, government subsidy is no longer appropriate..” said a spokesman for the DECC.

Looks like the FIT scheme is also getting the treatment.. shortsighted

Green wind power subsidies face the axe


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