ENERGY: Philip Lowe says UK should copy Balanced Energy Mix from Germany

LessThunk comment: “We require a balanced energy mix, and biomass has a critical role to play in helping EU member states to deliver cost-effective carbon savings while securing Europe’s energy future.” makes sense; all too often societal problems (including energy) are not treated systemically, here we see two problems getting the attention they deserve in one policy direction.

A complex circle of influences concerning energy demand and the impacts of various solutions are finally and properly being considered as one thing. It is a relief to see we are getting away from the foolhardy reductionist thinking of the past.. the future lies with “systemic integrationism”.. that’s surely worth thinking about; it requires forethought, planning, monitoring and balance adjustment. The alternative would be to keep our heads in the sand.. thanks Mr Lowe.



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Posted by: Phaedrus

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