POVERTY: If Marc Andreessen likes this solution..you probably will too..

LessThunk comment: Any society having millions of it’s citizens relying on low paid jobs is a crazy risk, especially when a technologically-gifted tier in the same society is speeding-up the elimination of as many jobs as it can. And it doesn’t stop there..each tier of vanishing jobs will be more information based. Planning, co-ordination and management jobs, which previously looked safe, will all eventually fall to the robot or software replacement. Gigantic increases in unemployment are inevitable and those millions of citizens, roll into billions when we examine the whole planet.

With the global efficiencies of exporting work to other nations, buying good and services from anywhere and rapid increases in the automation of ever more job types, this situation (left unchecked) will cause economies to stagger and possibly grind into halting anarchy. The concept of minimum-income being made freely available to ALL citizens totally makes sense. It will, of course, be supplemented in some cases by real earnings and investments for people who hang on to paid employment (in the work tiers we could call those people “lucky”).

Modified social security schemes are necessary to transition vast numbers of people into what will be a huge “civic reward scheme”. Eventually, various social security schemes around the world will coalesce into a single “global support package”.

The divide between rich and poor will be even bigger, but there will be very little absolute poverty. Enjoy..


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