Apple Watch: “Don’t concentrate on the finger” STFU & listen, golden marketing

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I don’t want to hear any more about how you wouldn’t pay 10K USD for a watch, or that it does less than the phone, or hear you screaming about how you now need a golden Macbook….etc.

Just STFU and listen.

Apple is creating a new mass market product called WATCH, by definition “mass” means most people, so the “not for most people” gold version of WATCH is almost irrelevant.

There are however, a couple of clever marketing effects for the mass market sibling (and real star of the show) “the mid-priced WATCH“, yeah, that’s the one you WILL buy (not just talk about). Anyway, there simply isn’t enough gold around for us all to have the 10K model (and yes some people will want the gold one..so live with that).

The main marketing effects are great.

(1) Here we are talking about Apple products as if it were news..

(2) Think of your hasty visits to supermarkets to buy wine; which one do you get ?  “the middle one”, right ?

You’re not cheap..so would never turn up at the soiree with common plonk, but you’re not Bill Gates either, so a bottle of something you don’t normally sample or appreciate isn’t right either. Supermarket chains know this, the little boutique winery outlet knows this too.

Well surprise surprise..Apple know this too. If you can have a 1K instance of the 10k model you certainly aren’t cheap.

Apple WATCH is a mass market platform for greater things, so don’t stare at the finger..stare at the moon !


So, get on with your lives and enjoy how WATCH begins to change how you interact with tech generally (and stop talking about that gold-dress already..)



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