TWITTER HAS PEAKED: Take a look at the social-split in the chart..

LessThunk comment:

Back in early Oct (2014) Twitter and LinkedIn both looked worthy bets, neck and neck.

However, since then, the dragons jaws have been widening..



The chart above shows LinkedIn (red line) showing a return (along with MSFT & FB), whilst  Twitter (in blue) is languishing in a tech-no-mans land..(along with Google and AOL).

As a light-weight social media participant, I’ve started to ask of both TWTRLNKD

What have you done for me lately ?   Let’s examine their current value to actual end users..


The good news is that TWTR is good for finding news & spotting time waster trends (Grrrreat)

The bad news is many fold, here’s a few; worst of all – real user acquisition has slowed, too many robot-faking-users and annoying everyone else, too much noise overall (yeah, “twitter” by name & nature), the ratio of followed to follower is weird (for the majority it looks like 1:1, like some sad 90’s link-exchange), as one size apparently fits-all the options are to mute or tolerate the flood of poor content, filtering is a time-sink task on its own, it’s caused by hoards of narcissistic people with self-esteem issues, pyramidal (one way) communication all the way down from the grand twitterati heroes and no gathering of thread/comments / responses to balance the crowing with challenges that stand up..

In short: TWTR is more like poor quality reality TV than 21st Century 2-way comms. Twitter has peaked.



The good news is that LNKD is OK for finding news & keeping in touch with your mates (Grrrreat)

The bad news WAS that there wasn’t real engagement content, that has all changed, however..the problem now is it’s going the same way as TWTR, with the self-obsessed few trying to scale the walls of ivory..though this situation is still recoverable..

In short: It’s OK, mildly informative and entertaining, but there’s not much “social” about about it, above replacing the old CV/resume approach to asking for wages. LinkedIn will peak this year.


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