AUTO MARKET: Why do we need so many cars anyway ? Buckle-up for change..

LessThunk: With the rise of Uber and the driverless-vehicle revolution kicking-in, pretty soon every routine trip you take on four wheels is going to be in a vehicle owned and operated by someone else. Usually the second most expensive purchase a family makes (after the house itself), current estimates claim that we own cars that sit idle for an average of 23 hours a day. Amazon style deliveries are taking to the roads (and to the air), UBER and the clones are globally convenient for city-dwellers who travel, app-driven-robotic transportation is already operating in UK and there may be more innovation to come. So, all the inefficiency & costs attached to buying, running, insuring, storing, parking, protecting & maintaining a personal car will soon evaporate; though in the mean time, there will be some innovations to drive us there..






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