Shadowstats: 2015 – A Year of Reckoning, Economic Turmoil, Dollar Panic and Hyperinflation

John Williams of Shadow stats (Lessthunk recommends subscribing to it) points out all is not well.



We have many scary things

  • currency wars
  • EU a basket case
  • US not doing as well as many think
  • Geopolitical tensions en masse
  • too much debt
  • raise of populist movements (UK, GR, IT, ES, etc.)
  • Baltic dry index at 29 year low
  • CN might not be as rosy as the west thinks
  • Gold moving from west to east

What could possibly go wrong in 2015? Sit back with a ton of cash at hand and hope for a big market dip and then go all in? Buy precious metals as insurance?

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